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Ship Model Construction & Modelist-Korabel Magazine
Mailing Address

Ship Model Construction 12, Tver-7,
170007, RUSSIA


Do you want to order our Plans?

Mail your order to the address Stanislav Ovsyannikov, 12, Tver-7, 170007, Russia, or e-mail Please specify the code(s) &/or names(s) of the ordered plan(s) and their quantity. Advance Payment.

You may transfer money via Western Union to: Russia, Tver, 170007, 12, Stanislav Ovsyannikov and then e-mail 10-digital password to In this case, please make sure that your payment is made to "Stanislav Ovsyannikov"

Do you want to order Modelist-Korabel Magazine?

Mail your order to the address Russia, 170007, Tver, 12, Stanislav Ovsyannikov, e-mail In the order specify the issues and their quantity. Advance Payment Terms are the same.

Hot News! Our Plans, Publications and Custom Built Models can be ordered and paid via our selling agents worldwide, USA and Canada, United Kingdom (England),

ATTENTION! Shipping costs abroad are not built into the price of the Magazines, Plans and Custom Built Models, that's why, we want foreign customers to e-mail or contact our local agent to learn the exact price.