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Rambler's Top100 SMC Ship Model Construction
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Hot News! Attention to the customers! Due to the world finiance crysis, our plans prices will be frozen 'till April 01, 2009. No raizing 'till this date!

Hot News! A few words about SMC plans Karlheinz Kroeger (Germany): You are doing O.K. and that is why I am placing another order. ...more >>

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Decorative Ship Models, Museum & Competition Ship Models, Presentation Ship Models on sale & built to order. On-line order.
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More than 200 plans in our catalog: Battleships, Cruisers, Carriers, Destroyers, Tallships, including Columbus's Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina. On-line order.
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Unique Magazine with detailed ship plans.
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Links to Websites and Webstores of Ship Modeling Companies around the world.
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Information & Pictures of Warships shown on our Plans.

  • Karlheinz Kroeger (Germany): You are doing O.K. and that is why I am placing another order. ...more >>
  • Gary DeSmidt (USA): I am an American sailing ships collector who took the rare opportunity to visit SMC ship modeling workshop  ...more >>
  • Jt. Mulder (Netherlands): I am building Oslabaja... using your plans, and I must say they are nice  ...more >>
  • Thomas Menduni, M.D. (USA) : Your Pallada plans look great! The details in the plans are amazing. You have an excellent service and extremely fast  ...more >>
  • Ted Graves (Canada): Today your plans (Nevada & Fletcher) arrived. The plans are lovely  ...more >>
  • Steven Backer (editor of the Steel Navy): It appears that Modelist-Korabel is the scratch-builders and detailers dream  ...more >>

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